30 Injection Sleep Shot

Burn fat while you sleep!

Similar to Level 1 Liporopic but with a deep sleep component. 

Most patients see benefits the first night of taking the shot and wake up feeling refreshed! 

Say Goodbye to tossing and turning. 


This is a medically supervised fat loss program where you will be working with our medical professionals and coaches to help you achieve and maintain your fat loss goals. Your RX, syringes, alcohol wipes, shipped right to your front door, upon medical history.


  • 1 Medical Consultation
  • Complimentary 30 mL of Sleep Shot (30 injections), our proprietary blends of lipotropic fat loss injections, a vitamin amino blend B6/B12 compound. Includes prescription, shipping, and supplies (Must qualify).

All consultations are constructed through our secured Telemedicine operating system.

We ship your RX, syringes and alcohol wipes straight to your door step, saving you time and money!

Click here to learn more about Vitamin B6/B12 Lipotropics.



"I was so tired and hungry for carbs all the time and the last thing I wanted to do was exercise because I had no time. I couldn’t break 33% body fat and with the shots I was able to get down to 19% body fat and have maintained. I sleep much better and no longer wake up between 1am-3am like I used to. I just overall feel much better and can get into all new skinny clothes. "

H.P. Age 36 Researcher and Writer, San Diego, CA

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