60 Injections Special MIC

The SPECIAL shot, like the name says, is our "special" ingredient lipotropic. You can expect to level up with noticeably increased energy, huge appetite suppressant, and an overall sense of well being. Designed for patients that have plateaued on other programs or need to lose more than 30 pounds. 

- Introduced January 2018

- Most Popular

- Staff Favorite Shot!

-Pharmacist and Doctors favorite for Fat Loss


This is a medically supervised fat loss program where you will be working with our medical professionals and coaches to help you achieve and maintain your fat loss goals. Your RX, syringes, alcohol wipes, shipped right to your front door, upon medical history.


  • 1 Medical Consultation
  • Complimentary 2 bottles of 30 mL  Special MIC (60 injections) , our proprietary blends of lipotropic fat loss injections, a vitamin amino blend B6/B12 compound. Includes prescription, shipping, and supplies (Must qualify).

All consultations are constructed through our secured Telemedicine operating system.

We ship your RX, syringes and alcohol wipes straight to your door step, saving you time and money!

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