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About Us

“Sick and tired of being sick and tired” 

When Heidi was 23 years old, she was diagnosed with Idiopathic chronic heart failure, (cardiomyopathy), depression, chronic fatigue, a rare bacteria infection and lupus. After 3 years of being in and out of the hospital and on disability, she was frustrated and felt like her life was quickly slipping by. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in lab tests, her doctors told her that there was nothing else they can do, and she was left desperate to regain her health back. After years of medications that she felts was making her feel worse, she attempted to do only one colonic, just to see of that may help, give her some relief.

“I’m depressed , exhausted and desperate”

After one session, she had confided to her colon therapist that she was depressed and desperate, and need to feel better fast, because she was so hopeless. She couldn’t believe how much better she felt, and so quickly, once she detoxed harmful toxins and re-build her body again. It wasn’t over night that she was better, but it was overnight that she knew she was on the right track.

“I aint ever going back to work”

Once she recognized and gained the connection between the gut, mental health and toxicity, she never wanted to return back to her corporate pharmaceutical job again. Since opening up her practice in 2007, she has served thousands, and thousands and thousands of people nationally to help them regain their life back and achieve their weight loss goals.

Today Her and her warm understanding husband (Brian Williams) work together everyday in their clinic, to help people just like you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

When Heidi is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, getting ready for the arrival of their first baby boy this summer 2016, taking their dogs for a drive, attending church, boating on lake Coeur d’ Alene, and loves downtown CDA anytime of year.